ok…what i get from the lyrics

Posted: December 28, 2009 in December

it helps if ur reading the lyrics or have read them…ok…

i do have to block out thoughts…yeah i am reminded i am alone. yeah, pornos…i’ll leave that 1 alone. will he ever talk to me again? saying he loved me would just kill me. i didn’t want space. i am not sure if he did either…this is where i think it switches to him. i have to hate him so i’ll see what’s good for me, to forget him. i am always sober and i never made him stay sober. half the time he was drunk. he did keep me up late at night tho…talking…and he was trying to help me i think…i am not sure about the suicidal hate. he’s the 1 that left not me…i guess he did what he had 2 so he could forget. again with what’s good for me. i don’t think he was sad…ok the kicking shadows is definetely me. yeah…i am not a man…ok blue eyes crying are my eyes. he always did make me smile.
yeah some of u might say i am just obsessed with him, i am not. he was just my safty net while i was drowning…


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