what’s really going to happen?

Posted: January 29, 2010 in January

i am getting ready to graduate and of course i am getting nervous and kinda freaking out about money (it’s something i don’t have a lot of.) my dad tells me everythings going to be fine, but will it? i have doubts. my dad is really religious and just tells me to be prayerfull and have faith. (he doesn’t realize i am not really religious anymore. i do it for show now. i am more of a realist now. i do believe, but i prefer things that i know without a doubt are real.) anyway what’s really going to happen when i leave for college and guess what there’s no money? i have uncles and aunts that have money and probably would help me, but then again charity does tend to dry up. in all honesty i don’t think they will help me much…they seem to like their own kind, and i am not really much of that anymore…so reality check here, what can i do? work my ass off to get grants and scholarships and good grades? it sounds good and really it’s my only option. maybe i will end up being the starving artist on the corner like i thought i would….

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