Posted: March 5, 2010 in March

Isn’t it amazing how something you haven’t had in a long time tastes when it’s on tap? I had diet pepsi last night and it was on tap. It tasted so good.

But I think the real reason I am blogging right now is to talk about the philosophy lessons I’ve had in my english class. We’ve read an essay by John Locke. In it  he explains that there is no such thing as taste, color or sound. There is only motion, size and shape. There for getting things such as taste, color, or sound originate from the motion, size and shape of something. For example sound, what we hear in scientific terms is the air wave vibrations. Is that not exactly what Locke has just said? A guitar string for another example, when a note or chord is played it is by motion of the players hands, then the size and shape of the sound waves. Amazing how philosophy corrisponds so well with science.


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