Top 5 movies of my childhood

Posted: April 7, 2010 in April

1. Nightmare Befroe Chirstmas: Love it!

 2. Princess and the Goblin: I use to watch it all the time!


3. Fern Gully: Another one I watched continously…

4. The Pengiun and The Pebble: I love pengiuns! And I love the whole pebbles of love…so cute!

5. The Quest For Camelot: I love the blind guy! I always thought he was so cute for a cartoon! 😀

Yes all of these played a part of making me the child in a teenagers body that I am! Great movies!

  1. Bridge says:

    Haha those bring back good memories! i have all those movies:) the boys love them. they also love all dogs go to heaven.

  2. emi says:

    love and have those movies.. iv watched them numerous times and used to be able to quote every line and play out all the scenes in them =D i still love them they are some of my favorite movies like ever 🐱

    ~sr high, emi~

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