who we want to be

Posted: April 13, 2010 in April

There is a girl in my class that every girl wishes 2 be. Not a flaw can be found on her face. She is small and skinny. I find it so interesting to watch her put on makeup. I can’t see any difference once it’s on from when she didn’t have any on. I suppose I’d think of her if I were to ever think of that natural beauty is…

  1. emi says:

    people have told me that im like that.. i h8 it tho cuz i dont think i am pretty or beautiful or any of the other things that ppl say that i am when wearing makeup or not.. =T

    ~!SrHigh, Emi!~

    • alice says:

      You may think that’s it annoying and that you’re not what they say you are, but then there’s girls like me who would kill to be like you and get compliments like that.

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