Hate me today, hate me

Posted: May 15, 2010 in May

Hate me today, hate me tomorrow. Such a true song. Hate me by blue october. It reminds me of him everytime…hate so I can forget.

  1. joer223 says:

    Hey Kiddo,…..I’ve never heard that song in particular, but I have many songs, especially those by Tom Waits that make me think of the girl I left behind when I left China, how heartbreaking that was! Tom is a prolific storyteller who tells stories of heartbreak, despair, people down and out, people whose lives have taken a wrong turn…..it goes on and on…..His music is very eclectic, hard to put into one genre, everything from a raunchy rock guitar to ballads with just Tom’s raspy voice and beautiful piano. He’s a poet too. I’ve listened to him longer than you’ve been alive…HaHa!
    Check him out, some of his stuff might appeal to you. His website is awesome. Very visual. Tom is also an actor, most recently appearing in the Book Of Eli.
    I used to know a girl whose name is still tattooed on my arm, I ad to hate her to get over her. She really shattered my world……..I was very young at that time. So I can relate to what you said….”hate so I can forget”

  2. alice says:

    You should look at the lyrics I posted of that song. I’ll find the link for you…I anylized it…

  3. joer223 says:

    Hey! Nice to see you again. How are you feeling? Is your cold better. I’m just writing a post for my blog. Everything ok with you?
    I will check the links you left, Thank you for them. You been to the forums yet? I think I left a couple of open ends to few games….for you to solve? Ha!
    I need to catch up on your entries so I can comment, I promise I’ll get to it today.
    Glad you’re back on for a little while 🙂

    Call me Joe

  4. alice says:

    I feeling a bit better. I am ready to graduate. This is my last week before graduation. Yeah, I’ve been on the forums today.

    • joer223 says:

      That’s good to hear! Glad you’re feeling better. Will you be on for a little while? Wow! Graduation……Congratulations! I’m so happy for you…..really I am. I’m always wishing you’re happy!

  5. alice says:

    Thanks. Yeah it feel so weird. Like it snuck up on me or something…Hahaha!

  6. joer223 says:

    Yea…..Colds can be sneaky,,,,,AAAHHHCHOOO! oh my….Hehehe…

    • alice says:

      Yes colds, but I was referring more to graduation…

      • joer223 says:

        Geez, I feel so stupid! I’m sorry, Well, life has a way of sneaking up on all of us. Feeling weird, well you spent all those years at H.S. you know, you’re comfortable there, and with the things that affect your life while you’re there. You become comfortable with it. It’s kind of like the last chapter of a book you’ve read, like you don’t want it to be over, sometimes you want to go back and read it again, but there are so many new books to read…..You know what I mean? This is a great time in your life…..if you were my daughter I would tell you to seize the day, seize the moment…..while the moment is here! Enjoy your graduation…it only happens once in H.S. I don’t know…..i just hope you’re happy that you’re going to graduate…Just want you to be happy….For what it’s worth….You’re great! and you’ll do great in the next chapter of your life…..

  7. alice says:

    Thanks. Yeah I am way happy to be graduating. It’ll be a nice change. I am way way excited!

  8. joer223 says:

    Well, I’m way way way excited that you’re way way excited! Ha! You’re awesome!

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