Dear Pandora

Posted: May 18, 2010 in May

Dear Pandora,

I feel bad that I had to get the idea of writing to you from someone else, but it seems like it would help, I also feel bad that I’ll only write you when the nightmares are here. Though I suppose I shouldn’t count manifestations during the daylight hours of awareness to be nightmares, but simply bad luck. But I suppose as I do not believe in luck of any kind, whether good nor bad, I cannot call them bad luck either. I shall have to think of a name for them. But are not nightmares some of the spirits that flew from your box?

What a terrible fortune; a box of curses as a wedding gift. As if marriage isn’t enough of a curse, I must sympathize for you. Personally I cannot see marriage in my hand of cards in this game we call Life. Of course the only cards I hold are The World, The High Priestess, and The Hanged Man. How are those to help me at all? Strengths and abilities, acting more on feelings than facts, and relax and rethink? Sure I’ve been logical, but people keep telling me I am so strong. I honestly don’t see it. In this world logic is fading…

Pandora, why did you open the box? I’ve always been one to enjoy a little chaos and pandemonium, but when things have gotten so hard, so bad, so memorable…These nightmares just hurt so much. All o them those old memories I don’t want anymore. Take them back to the box. Perhaps all of the others are right. Perhaps all emotions bring insanity eventually. I wonder it myself sometimes.

Maybe I will write sooner than we think. No one knows but the wind.

Your faithful demon,


  1. joer223 says:

    How beautifully written this is….I’m almost driven to tears. Simply beautiful Alice!

  2. alice says:

    Thanks Joe. I don’t know why I just get kinda phylisophical at times…

    • joer223 says:

      You’re very welcome……you have real sensitivity and a beautiful heart. I wish I had a daughter just like you! You move me Alice…..Sincerely you do!

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