Dear Pandora

Posted: May 19, 2010 in May

Dear Pandora,

Was prejudices a spirit in your box as well? I am sorry but this letter will not be as shall we say well spoken as the last. How can such hatred be instilled in one person? Frankly, it’s shameful to think that such people could be allowed to speak in public. Perhaps that’s my prejudice. But I think that such prejudice against those who discriminate against race, sex or ideal is a prejudice that should be tolerated.

I’ve witnessed…terrible prejudice in my eighteen years. I’ve lived with it daily. I hope that it gives me reason to know how it is such a terrible thing to harbor. I’ve see it rage from a man against his own daughter, simply because she’d learn not to follow in his thought pattern. I’ve seen it terrorize a high school, because of the narrow-mindedness of its occupants. I’ve seen it fester and boil.

Why was it in the box to begin with? Prejudice isn’t a spirit or a curse. Spirit implies some hope, for unknown reasons. And curse implies that it is not one’s own fault for allowing the ideals of prejudice to harbor in one’s own mind. It was brainwashed into the person? NO. Each person is able to decide for themselves if they will allow such feelings in. And using the excuse that you were raised with it and by those means should also feel its hatred is not acceptable either. I should know that best of all. There are no excuses for it. It is one’s own fault.

Pandora, the box had to be opened, this I know. For if it hadn’t been opened this world would be incomplete and God would have found another, another person and another way, to release these horrors on to us. I only wish there was another way, another way to ease these curses, these demons. But I know that that will not happen unless the “brainwashing” is reversed. To allow choice is something that others do not limit us. It is something we limit to ourselves.

Your faithful demon,


  1. joer223 says:

    Beautifully written! You’re a fabulous young writer…..Keep it up!


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