In high school you wonder

Posted: May 19, 2010 in May

In high school you wonder why you have urges 2 do something, like kick a pigeon. Then you realize you saw someone else do that…

  1. joer223 says:

    Alice…..I like your entry…..kick a pidgeon! Ha! how are you today. I’m not at home right now, but hope we can talk later! Did you check the moive quotes in the forum I left one for you.
    Call me Joe

  2. alice says:

    HAHAHAHA! Yes kick a pidgeon! Someone in my high school has done it! And then he got caught by the princepal! It was so funny!!!!

    • joer223 says:

      Don’t you go kicking anything……so good to see you! I just read the second installment of Pandora…..Beautiful!

      How are you?


  3. alice says:

    I am good. Really hyper at the moment… 😀

  4. joer223 says:

    I’m a little hyped myself…..I left another movie quote for you. I guessed Hitman for yours.
    Did you see my Miss you……from yesterday? You removed it. It’s ok. I hope it didn’t make you uncomfortable? But it was true…..

  5. alice says:

    Yeah I saw it. I removed it? I don’t remember…Well i am glad it was true!

    • joer223 says:

      You still at school? Where are you?

      • alice says:

        Yeah. I just don’t have computer access until the afternoon. It’s my last day! 😦

      • joer223 says:

        It’s your last day of school? No more commenting? I’m heartbroken if that’s the case. If that’s the case…..can I email you? I’ll really miss you.

      • joer223 says:

        No more movie quotes? no more a little more challenging….I’m so afraid to know your answer…it’s just like 2046….

      • joer223 says:

        “That era has passed. Nothing that belonged to it exists any more. He remembers those vanished years. As though looking through a dusty window pane, the past is something he could see, but not touch. And everything he sees is blurred and indistinct.”

      • joer223 says:

        I want to know how you feel. I’m scared to hear your answer but, I need to know. Do you like me? Or not. Leave with me. 2046

      • alice says:

        No, I’ll still get on. It just won’t be everyday. I am going to try and get on as much as possible.

      • joer223 says:

        You’ve grown on me… you know what I mean? Maybe you feel the same? I’m so afraid to know your answer…i just like in 2046….

      • joer223 says:

        Alice are you there?

  6. joer223 says:


    I’m glad you’re glad! You’re killing with the movie quotes….I’m going to leave another!

  7. joer223 says:

    Zhang Yimou’s movie Hero… it in the forum……go ahead……

  8. joer223 says:

    Another beautiful and great movie from China…..

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