My Favorite Class

Posted: May 20, 2010 in May

I am going to miss my Russian class. It was so much fun! Out teacher was so awesome! She gave us souvenirs today from Russia. IT was so cool! I got a communist pin and a DVD of Russian cartoons! I am so excited to watch it!

Natala, Serga, and Marina

Serga and Marina again with our teacher, Mrs. Humphries.Yea! Yea!

Nikoli, Katia, Serga, and Natala

From left to right: Me (Dema), Natala, Katia, Nikoli, Serga, Marina, Mrs. Humphries.

One of the students. Katia

We call them Doodles of the Day.

Yea doodles!

  1. joer223 says:

    Alice which person is you? standing by the teacher?

  2. alice says:

    No I am the one in the gray rolling stone shirt. Far left.

  3. joer223 says:

    Hey! How are you? I’m just finishing a post. Can you wait a coupe of minutes? I gave you a movie quote and a bit more challenging…..looks like we’re the only ones playing…Ha!
    Good to see you……

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