My brother

Posted: June 10, 2010 in June
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A post by mattjammed got me thinking. In the post the he talks about helping his sister when she has just broken up with a boyfriend, I also took it that he didn’t like the boyfriend…I commented that I thought he sounded like a great big brother and how my brother would have just asked a lot of stupid questions. (I soon found out that he is the younger brother by the way.) But that got me thinking about my big brother. I haven’t seen him in 9 months now. He’s on a mission for our church and won’t be home again for 15 more months.

My brother and I never really got along very well. He’s about a year and a half older than I am so we fought a lot. But lately I’ve been thinking about how we could have been best friends, if it weren’t for the fighting. We played together all the time. We dug for worms in the mud, played sword fighting with sticks, and played with the puppies my dad raised together. Up until now I hadn’t really missed my brother much. He never was home much before because he was at college. But now I realize he’s not at college. I know he will come home, but there’s that one little thought of,”Wow he’s not just and hour away.” I can only talk to him twice a year, on Mother’s Day and Christmas. It’s really changing now that I think about it.

But back to the boyfriend thing from mattjammed. My brother would have asked a lot of stupid questions but it would have been so he could help me. I may not want to answer them and he may act stupid for some, but it’d be so he could make me feel better. And if the boyfriend had hurt me in anyway more than just a usual breakup, my brother would have made it better. (He would go kick the guy’s ass.) That’s just how my brother is. He’s the bronze to my brains, or lack there of.

It’s amazing how much we’ve both changed over the years though. Here are some pictures of us when we were kids. Owen was probably 9 and I was probably almost 8.

Owen, my brother when he was like 9.

Me when I was almost 8.

Here’s us as seniors. His picture is 2 years old but it’s one of my favorites of him. Mine’s rather new since I just graduated.

Owen, his senior year in 2008.

Me, like 3 months ago.

Would you even recognize us?


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