Posted: June 17, 2010 in June
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It’s really awesome how someone you barely know will do so much for you if you do a little for them. I am thinking about volunteering at the library and now the librarian is looking up grants and stuff for me because I told her I was going into photojournalism. Freaking sweet if you ask me!

  1. cocoamonster says:

    I’m very much into photography, but photojournalism not so much. It’s just not my thing. However, I think it would be an absolutely awesome job regardless. Do you have any photography anywhere? I’d love to see it. That librarian sounds like a sweetie.

  2. mattjammed says:

    that’s very cool! id dig to see some shots u took, post some on ur blog

  3. alice says:

    Thanks guys! I am not claiming to be very good with photography. I actually just barely decided to go into photojournalism. I like to write (obviously) and I love taking pictures. All I can do is try I suppose. 🙂

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