New and More Photos

Posted: June 24, 2010 in June
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A field west of my house.

The drive into my house.

I thought the sunset looked way cool with the clouds.

I thought the clouds looked cool.

The road outside my house going south.

The road outside my house going north.

  1. mattjammed says:

    very cool! i like the first and last ones the most..this new batch is tons better the previous ones you posted..(hope you don’t mind me saying so) 😛

  2. alice says:

    Oh don’t worry. I agree. The last ones were just really random ones that I had on my flash drive. These are all new, I took all of these this week. I take pictures for my brother every season.

  3. I like your photography! Have you ever played around with Picassa? You can download it online for free. It’s photo-editing software that makes playing with photos and effects really fun. (I love it, anyway…maybe you would too.) Just thought I would pass that along.


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