How Could Something So Amazing Happen?

Posted: July 7, 2010 in July
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I just don’t understand. All my life it seemed like you could wish for something so much and want something so bad, but it never would happen. And suddenly in one day that all changes. I feel really stupid sometimes now, because this could have happened two or three years ago, but it’s happening now. I don’t mind letting it happen now, but wow…Having this one thing that’s so great could have changed so much for me, in the past year especailly. It just blows my mind to try and picture what life could have been like for me.

I am sure everyone is wondering what the hell I am talking about. I can just imagen what you’re all trying to think is so amazing. Some of you might be right. The truly amazing thing that’s happened to me is a friend that I’ve known for three years is now my boyfriend. I suppose I just can’t believe how amazing he is just because he truly is just so amazing. I’ve never known a guy who cares about his girlfriend more than him self. Before I was with him I knew he was a great guy and a great boyfriend because of how he treated his ex and how he was always so…I want to say amazing, but I think I’ve used that already. But I can’t think of any other word to describe him. He is so freaking AMAZING, awesome, sweet, he’s just…everything a girl could ever want. About a month ago if I would have read a post like this I would have wanted to puke, but now I just can’t believe I am writing it! He’s just…He takes my breath away.

I just still don’t understand what he sees in me! Hahaha! We’ve all seen relationships where you think, “How is that person with that person?” I am seriously just wondering that constantly. I can’t help it. I just seem so average, maybe even under average compaired to him. Maybe it’s just because I know he’s so amazing. He’s just…perfect. Yeah, that’s the word I’ve been looking for. Perfect. It just fits so well.


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