Posted: July 19, 2010 in July
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Who is the villain of this tale? Whose evil plan was all of this? To be honest it was mine. That’s right; I am the villain of my own tale. I always have been. I am an evil thing. I am thinking back now wondering how I ever could have thought up such a ridiculous thought and continued with this stupid plan. And then I think most of this was just luck, but I don’t believe luck. I called it magic as well, but to be honest I don’t believe in that either. I even called it a dream, and those I do believe in. It was just serendipity really, my evil plan just happening to mix with dreams. What a retched evil thing I really am.

Take what you want, give nothing back.

You said you only cause heart break, but maybe that’s what I need right now. It is the only way to be completely sure you’re still alive. Sometimes you can’t really tell if you are. Days role together and you forget how longs it’s been. But the aching pain reminds you.

I knew that this would happen eventually. I just wish it would have been later. We both knew it wouldn’t last, but at least it could have been fun while it did.


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