Posted: July 22, 2010 in July
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I really need to just stop with these stupid theories. I just end up hurting myself thinking back so much. Or even giving myself false hope.

1. This is my fault. He told the truth but there were other parts he didn’t tell me.

A. I am a bad clingy girlfriend that’s paranoid. (Yeah, my money’s on this one…)

B. He wants her back. I can’t compete with her, and he just wants things to go back to the way they were.

2. He’s not talking to me because he’s still helping is family and busy.

3. I am making all of this worse by trying to continue talking to him as just a friend. I am stressing him out and making everything so much more terrible for him.

4. I broke the rules. In the very beginning he told me love is a four letter word for him. I agreed, knowing that this wouldn’t last longer than a few months. (Reality check: It lasted two weeks…) I was falling hard for him and he realized that.

A. Maybe I could compete and he was also falling hard for me…


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