I Am Ready!

Posted: July 27, 2010 in July
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Well at least I think I am ready. I am getting ready for college. I think I am almost ready. I just bought a laptop and time is starting to run out for the summer. I am really excited now. I am starting to feel like a college student I guess. I just can’t believe high school went so fast. It’s unreal how it seemed to take so long, but went so fast. Each semester seemed to take like a year to pass, but it was very fast.

I keep having flashbacks of things that happened too. Let’s see my top 10 of most memorable high school experiences…Oh there’s no real order I guess…

1. The field trip we took for Russian class. That was by far the most fun ever! There were only 3 of us that went with the teacher. We drove 100 miles or so to The University of Arizona and visited the Russian department. It was like we were just hanging out together. So much fun!

2.  Definitely my Russian class just in general. Oh it was so much fun. The greatest class ever! I wish it would have been offered a year earlier so I could have finished my foreign language courses.

3. I suppose one of the  most memorable parts of high school for me will always be the football games. My sophomore year the team made it to state and won. It was a great thing, because it was my brother’s senior year. My dad and I went to the games. For 2 weeks in a row we drove 500 miles to go watch the games.

4. This year I was in a contest we call the Air Show. It’s where you lip sync to songs and act like the band. I didn’t win but it was so much fun. I did 2 acts. 1 for my Russian class and 1 just for fun.

5. This year we read the book Frankenstein and got really into philosophy. After we read the book we held a mock trail against Dr. Frankenstein for murder. I was on the defence. I was orignially supposed to be the sketch arts but my team asked me to be one of the lawyers. Even though everyone was against us we managed to win. It was awesome.

6. Fingerpainting. Yeah that’s right. Fingerpainting. In yearbook when we were done with the yearbook me and my best friend Rebecca would fingerpaint.

7. My art teacher, Mrs. Hamberger. She was so awesome. She just encouraged us all to go for what we were dreaming about. She was the one who helped me realize I wanted to go into photography.

8. My sophomore year I was in a journalism class. There were a lot of freshman in that class and only like 3 seniors. Somehow we talked a boy into letting us do his hair like a girl and put make up on him. It was great.

9. I think it was my junior year and for some reason I remember running from a class to the cafeteria. I don’t know why but I thought that was so cool.

10. I thought about moving this to a higher number, but it seens fitting for last. At my graduation I was in the back row and when we stood up we did the wave. Hahaha! It was great. We got so many glares!

  1. #8 I took Journalism Junior year it was a blast. I had a lot of fun, Even going to school on Saturdays to help edit stories so we could send them off to the printers! I loved looking around school and seeing people reading the school newspaper and talking about my articles!

    #10 I too sat in the back row at graduation! Though me and my friends had no idea that if we began at the front of the line we’d end up in the back. I’d definitely line up near the back if I could do it over again.

    To your point about feeling almost ready for college, I’m right there with you. I move down to college September 15, but have yet to buy a laptop (I’m still doing research). Either way I feel like I’m close to being ready, but not exactly!

    (just in case your wondering I found your blog through the forum post you made on being a teen blogger)

    • alice says:

      Hahaha! Cool. Yeah on #10 man it was so much fun. Hahaha! We lined up according to height and I wore these heels that are like 5 inches tall so I was the only girl in the back row. Man it was a blast! All the guys were really stupid but so funny!

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