Something New…

Posted: August 3, 2010 in August
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I want to start a new story. I guess I’ve just been inspired…Here’s what I have so far. I am going to call it Waking Up.

            “How do you know him?” I hear the officer asking me as I stare blindly at the sleeping face of the marine in the hospital bed. “Ma’am?”

            “I am sorry, what?”

            “How do you know him?” he repeats looking annoyed.

            “I don’t. Not anymore…” I start not paying attention to what I am saying. What’s happened to him…I think to myself.

            “What do you mean? If you don’t know him why was your number the emergency contact?”

            “We knew each other in high school,” I say knowing that he was in no mood for me to hold him any long from going out with his buddies.

            “What about his family? Where are they? Why wasn’t their number the emergency number?”

            “I don’t know. I only met them once.” I look back at the familiar face and think back to that day. “Maybe people should look into it. They’d want to know.”

            “Okay, well that’s all for now. I am sure there’s nothing else we will need from you, but I’d stay in the city if I were you,” the officer says starting for the door.

            “Wait isn’t anyone going to tell me what happened to him?” I ask realizing that no one had told me what had happened. They just said he was hurt.

            “That’s classified ma’am. All we can tell you is he was on a special mission and he was injured,” the officer says sounding very annoyed.

  1. I love the mystery in the text, and the plot seems like it could go places, you should definitely finish it up.

    • alice says:

      Thanks. I just feel so weird starting something new when I haven’t even finished the first story I am working on…But inspiration is inspiration….Right?

  2. Don’t take my word for it, try it out! Just write whatever comes to mind, it’s better that way.

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