Posted: August 9, 2010 in August
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It’s just so odd how a person can connect to things. I connect to movies a lot. Every time I watch a movie I get something else, something new, from it. But I’ve never had such a…realization, a prophecy, an epiphany like this one. Maybe it’s because it’s not just my connection. It’s a shared. And with a movie. It’s so odd that I could share it.

So anyway the movie, which I have mentioned before is Good Luck Chuck. The movie is about a guy who is believed to be a lucky charm for women. Once they’ve “been” with him they find their soul mate. But Chuck finally meets the girl of his dreams ,Cam, and doesn’t know what to do so that he can keep her. He decides that the “myth” doesn’t really exist and while he can’t convince Cam to date him, he sees other woman. Personally I like this movie just because of Dane Cook.

Anyway the connection I had was with my ex. He said he could never live that way. That he can’t be with someone if he doesn’t love them. I agreed with him. And there just seems to be so many things about the movie that remind me of him. It just hurts to watch it…I miss him…


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