More Honesty

Posted: August 9, 2010 in August
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So I am asking myself what was I expecting to happen. Sure I’ve been saying that this has all been like a dream. But honestly what was I expecting? That once he’s free we’ll be free to start again? But how can that ever honestly be? I am going to college and yeah sure I would love to still be free with him, but I am going to a new freedom. I can start over. But do I really want to is the question. Will I or will I still be me? Will I still have all this old pent up pain? My whole plan has been to start new, to be free. But will I still do that? Will I still want that? I think I do. And honestly if I don’t how will what’s been ever really work? It can’t. Not the way that we’d want it to…

Okay, so I’ve decided that I am ready for change. I honestly don’t even remember much of what happened. It all feels like some weird dream. So I will no longer be sad about what happened. Wow I write a getting over a person guide and like a month later it finally worked for me. But then again I never did put a time stamp on it…So college is waiting!


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