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Posted: August 12, 2010 in August
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Okay this is where I left off on Nightmare.

I look into his eyes again, scanning to see if he thought this was wrong. He’s just looking down at me, slightly dazed.

            “What was that for?” he asks sounding breathless.

            “Does it really matter?” I ask kissing him again feeling the smile on his lips. Again he takes me in his arms and I start to feel warm again.

            “But where did this come from?” he asks sounding amazed.

            “You know how I was supposed to be sleeping on the plane?” I ask as he backs up to a wall and starts to lean against it.

            “Ay and you didn’t,” he smiles kissing my forehead.

            “Yeah, I was thinking.”

            “About this?” he smiles.

            “Yes,” I smile slyly. He just chuckles and starts to kiss me again. I don’t think I’ll ever let him go. He’s all about me, all about making me happy, and just being happy with me. I can feel my heart skipping.

            “Connor? Are you to going to eat?” his mother calls from the kitchen.

            I pull away and smile a little while Connor groans. “We better get in there,” he sighs. I laugh as he takes my hand and leads me into the kitchen.

            I am taken by surprise as we walk and there are more people there. Sitting around the table are Connor’s mother and two other men. I stop short and make Connor jerk a little.

            “Oh,” Connor says realizing what’s wrong. “Ma, Pa, Murphy, this is Kylie. Kylie these are my parents,” he says motioning to the older couple. “And this is my brother, Murphy.”

            “Oh, it’s very nice to meet all of you. Especially now that I am awake,” I smile at his mom.

            “It’s nice to meet you dear,” she smiled. “We’ve heard so much about you,” she says getting up from the table.

            “All good I hope,” I laugh.

            “Of course,” Murphy laughs. “Connor, you didn’t say she was so pretty,” he says taking his attention from me momentarily.

            “Murphy, you’re not jealous are you?” I smile while I step closer to Connor. Connor laughs while Murphy turns a little red but has a huge smile on his face.

            “So what are you going to do after lunch Connor?” his dad asks.

            “Well we can’t do anything today. The apartment isn’t ready for the equipment yet, so we’re free to just hang out,” Connor says looking down at me coyly.

            “Well you should show Kylie around Dublin then,” Connor’s mom says walking to the table with sandwiches.

            “Oh, he doesn’t have to do that. It’s not like I’ll have to know a lot of places around here,” I say seeing Connor frown slightly at her.

            “Nonsense, I am sure he’d love to show you around the city,” she smiled. “Oh, and you can call me Ma,” she adds with a wink. “Here why don’t I pack you kids a picnic and you can go now.”

            “That’d be great Ma,” Connor says trying to hide the horror in his voice.

            “I am sorry about that,” he said once we were out of the house.

            “What? Your family is interesting,” I wink.

            “I am glad you think so,” he chuckles. “So what do you want to see?” he asked.

            “I don’t care,” I smiled. “As if I’ll be pay attention to what you’ll be showing me,” I giggle leaning in to kiss him.

            “Very true,” he chuckled. “I doubt I’d be paying attention either,” he smiles.

            “So what are we going to do all day?” I smile.

            “We could go to a mall or something and just hang out,” he suggests.

            “Okay, that sounds fun,” I smile.

            “So honestly, what made this sudden change?” Connor asked as we looked through music at a random store. “Was it another dream?” he chuckled.

            “No,” I laugh. “Just decided that this was a much needed change,” I wink.

            “I like it,” he smiled.

            You have to ask him, the voice in my head told me. This is all such a big change, so fast. He has to know the truth.

            “And I may have overheard some stuff,” I say absently looking at a cd.

            “Like what?” he asks trying to sound very subtle.

            “Nothing really,” I say not wanting to suggest too much.

            “Nothing? I don’t believe you,” he said walking closer to me.

            “Well see that’s the nice thing, you don’t have to,” I wink.

            “Really?” he says leaning in closer to me.

            “Connor why didn’t you tell me you looked into my past?” I whispered.

            He pulls away from me and sighs. “I didn’t want you to get upset,” he says frowning.

            “Why should I be upset?” I ask. “You know now. I don’t have to hide.”

            “But way do you have to hide it all? Why can’t you just tell me what happened?” Connor asks looking very innocent.

            “Because, the past is the past and nothing will bring it back,” I say.

            “So you want something back?” he asks suddenly.

            “What? No. Of course I don’t,” I answer quickly, “Connor that’s why it’s called the past. You leave things in it otherwise they’re still in the present.”

            “But you can still miss things,” he adds.

            “Sure, but it doesn’t mean you want them back. Why are you asking this?”

            “Kylie, I know what’s happened to you in Phoenix,” he says looking at me hard. “I know that it wasn’t an accident.”

            “So? What is that supposed to prove? So what? I was shot. I don’t remember anything about what happened before that. Okay, you know, so what?” What is this supposed to prove for him? Am I supposed to be messed up because of it?

            “Kylie, I am saying I know what happened and I know that you tried to find him. But then you just disappeared in Bisbee for a week and a half. Either you found him or you found out something even worse. Why won’t you tell me?”

            “Because, it doesn’t matter anymore,” I snap.

            “Maybe it does.”

            “No, Connor. It doesn’t,” I say harshly. “Drop it,” I snap again.

            “No Kylie, I won’t let you just retreat again,” he says looking at me sympathetically.

            “Connor, stop. I may have let you know that I like you and that I love that you’re so into me, but you’re just going to kill it if you push this more,” I say stepping away from him.

            “Kylie, no. Don’t do this,” Connor says starting to step towards me.

            “I am sorry Connor, but I won’t play this game. I am sure you’re wondering what I am going to do now. I’ll tell you. I am going to run, because I don’t want like hurting you,” I say taking several steps back.

            “Kylie, please just settle down,” Connor says. “I know I can out run you, we discovered that at the elevator, and I don’t think you’d hurt me,” he says slipping into agent mode.

            “Connor, please don’t do this,” I say getting ready to run.

            “Kylie, I am not letting you do this again.”

            I am not going to do this again. I knew I shouldn’t have done this. What was I thinking? And I kissed him! A lot…

            “Kylie, please…” Connor started. It was too late though. Within three seconds I was five feet out the door. Five seconds and Connor was after me like a leopard. I had to run as fast as I could to keep ten feet between us. He has to get tired some time. I took corners and jumped stairs, but Connor wouldn’t let up. I ran until my legs ached and my heart felt like it would explode.

            Come on, there has to be something that I can do to lose him. Think, think. Okay, crowded area. I can’t keep this up. I’ll collapse or we’ll get arrested for disturbing the peace. I’ll try the food court. At least maybe I can duck into a hallway or restroom.

            I look back and I can’t see Connor. He’s trying to trick me. If he can catch me in a corner or something then I won’t be able to get away. I need to disappear. I slip into a clothing store and grab a random piece of clothing. I make my way to the dressing rooms. I keep looking in mirrors, trying not to look over my shoulder.

            Once safely inside the changing rooms I just sat and thought. Why did I let this happen? I thought I shouldn’t let this happen. I was cautious. And I let him in anyway. I broke rule number one. I’d forgotten all my rules. I had made them for a reason and like a new recruit I broke them.

            My mistake was thinking that Connor was a good guy. All guys maybe nice at first, but once they get in and they think they can let their guard down they all become jerks. Connor wasn’t a bad guy, but I should have realized I wasn’t ready for something like this. Connor doesn’t need me to be baggage on this mission either. If we fight it could throw off the whole mission and ruin everything…


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