Posted: August 13, 2010 in August
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Okay, if anyone has read my blog you know that I am not a very serious blogger. I just write about what I am feeling or whatever I think is interesting at the moment. But what can I write about that is serious? I really don’t have anything I have a very strong opinion on. So what could I talk about?

So what is important to me right at the moment? Maybe the future. I was thinking last night and I came up with something kind of interesting. The past can’t come back, the present won’t last, and future can only bring pain. The interesting part I suppose is the pain. With every emotion there is feeling. And sometimes you feel from the emotion so much it hurts. I think I do that too much. I live by extremes. If I sad I am so depressed I can’t function, if I am happy I am so joyfully blissed out that I am practically high. Therefore, I feel so much that it hurts. Maybe that sounds very emo, but it’s just the way I am.

Anyway, just a little gateway into my mind. It’s a very crazy place, so watch your step.


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