Posted: August 20, 2010 in August
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I’ve always hated the conversation of money. Money helped kill my parents marriage and really any marriage I’ve ever heard of. It really makes me wonder if the person actually loves you. If they only care about money how can they have any room in their heart for you?

My father has always worried about money (we’re poor, obviously). I am going to college and the only thing that he can think about is the cost. I can understand that college is a bit expensive, but I am going to community college! It really makes me wonder if he even cares that this is something so new and different for me.

My family would be a psychologist’s field day. My father is so pigheaded that nothing is ever right, and money is something that has to be first and foremost in all of our minds. My mother is a good person I think, but I’ve noticed that every time she gets a new boyfriend she has to give up everything to be with them. She moves in or they have a permanent place on her couch. My oldest sister is, interesting. She seems to have everything that I person could want; a family, a home in a beautiful city, a seemingly perfect Mormon girl’s life. But you can see she’s not happy. So much for the perfect Mormon life. My other sister has a fairly good life, I think. She has a family that loves her and even though life is tough they stick together. My brother is on a mission for our church. He is probably the only one of us that is truly happy. He has a girlfriend waiting for him to come home so they can get married. And then there is me. I am not really sure what to say about me. I think I have problems and no one really wants to face that, including me. I am sure there is probably something wrong seeing how I can’t sleep or how I just have random pain in my body at odd times. I think that may be depression. But enough about me and my family’s problems.


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