Reminder to Self: Breathe!

Posted: August 23, 2010 in August
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I am getting so nervous! First day of college. Yeah, I am like hyper but not. I do not like this feeling. I am not really sure what I am nervous about, I know I can handle the classes, I know I can. All my teachers told me I was ready and that I’ve been ready for some time. But I am just so nervous…Maybe it’s the lack of sleep. Sleeping on my bunk is like camping and finding were you left random rocks underneath the tent…But I’ll live.

On the nicer side of things I am enjoying myself. Everything is so different here and so new. There’s so many people compared to my hometown. Also he finally talked to me last night, of course I couldn’t sleep very well because of the dreams as well…I had really hoped that this would all change at college. I guess it doesn’t matter where I am…


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