Fortune Cookie

Posted: August 31, 2010 in August
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Okay so I am slightly paranoid at the moment. I had Chinese food last night and of course I got a fortune cookie. The fortune says, “Your efforts are budding. Results will appear soon.” So I asked my roommate what have my efforts been lately. She told me boys, which is very true. I’ve been flirting with every guy I think is remotely good looking because I am tired of being alone or bored. I also read my tarot cards and they said something quite similar to the fortune cookie. I don’t believe in superstition and luck which is rather hilarious seeing that I listen to fortune cookies and tarot cards when the mood strikes. I guess what I am saying is I  wonder what’s going to happen because I have a few guys that could be interested. I am just so tired of perfecting the one night stand of dating…I guess I just have crappy taste in guys…

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