Roommates Part 3

Posted: August 31, 2010 in August

So I freaking love my roommates. They are so amazing. I have three that actually live in the same room with me.

Beka was the first one I met. She is so amazing. She is a cheerleader at our college and she’s just so awesome. She’s one of the nicest girls I’ve ever met. She’s not a hypocrite and I love that about her. She’s just an amazing person. She’s so sweet too.



Hahaha! Beka drew this for me! It’s a picture of a human heart!

Then there’s Shyanne. She a sweet little shy girl, but once she gets out of her shell she’s so awesome. She got hyper once and wow, she’s just so cool!


The last one I met was Jackie. She’s very cool. I love how we hang out for one day and at dinner the same night we’re sharing a plate or two…Hahaha! She’s amazing!



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