Posted: August 31, 2010 in August
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Yeah, I really hate being single. I miss things about having a boyfriend. The secrets that you never wanted to tell anyone else. Staying up late to text him. Waking up and hating yourself for falling asleep while texting him. I just miss having someone to really talk to I guess. I don’t like not being able to tell everything to someone. Sure girlfriends are always there to listen, but girls talk. Guys, sure maybe they’ll actually listen, but you know they aren’t going to tell someone else. I miss knowing that someone actually cared that I was having a crappy day. I miss hearing him chuckle when I would start talking quieter as my dad walked by my room. I really miss knowing that I was his and he was mine…

  1. xoneandonlyx says:

    This is understandable. But in life you live and you learn. Eventually you will find someone who makes you feel that way again. You just have to discover who you really are first.

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