Grape Vine

Posted: September 4, 2010 in September
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I am sure by now that the boyfriend’s family know that I am just a terrible person and evil and that I am going to ruin everything. Right. Mr. Good Christian. I have news for you, I don’t care what you or your preppy family think of me. I don’t need your drama.

You know what I can make first judgements too…Your mom was nice too me, so she’s off the hook. Your dad looks like a guy who relived his high school career through you (was he sadly disappointed?). Your brother looks like a wanna be skater and I bet if he got on a board right now he’d fall on his ass. And finally yourself. You were cool at first, but now that you’re showing off your “good christian” just to make sure I don’t corrupt things you’re really pissing me off.


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