Posted: September 11, 2010 in September
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Is it sad that I really don’t expect relationships to last all that long anymore? I think the longest I’ve actually been in a relationship was 2 weeks. And it bugs me that it’s a reoccurring trend.

It’s sad though because I will seriously look at a guy here at college and I can’t see myself lasting in a relationship more than a couple of days. the last guy I only saw 3 days, but that 3 days were over a span of 2 weeks. I know I’ve said I don’t want to get into a serious relationship that I’ll get married from, but a relationship that actually lasts past 2 weeks would be kind of nice…

  1. RyGuns says:

    This sounds familiar to me…

    As a male currently finishing up his last year in high school, I haven’t had a relationship that lasted longer than a month (and there’s been quite a few…). This used to bother me until about a year ago, me and my girlfriend at the time split, and I just said “Well, that sucked. Fuck it, I don’t need this” and haven’t dated since. It’s not that I haven’t dated because I’m waiting for someone perfect or special or anything, just waiting for someone interested enough in me as an individual to be worth seeing. And over this last year, I’ve been at my happiest in a long while without all the meaningless dramas to worry about…

    You remind me of myself about a year ago, and I might reccomend to you the solution I found. Anyways, whatever you do, good luck^^!

    • alice says:

      I get your point. I like your solution, but my problem is I get bored and date people I really shouldn’t. Bad hook ups and even worse relationships. I know I won’t find “Mr. Right” in a random relationship like these, but the truth is I am not looking for a “Mr. Right” just yet. Maybe a “Mr. Nice” or a “Mr. Hottie Without Just Wanting To Get In My Pants”….Hahaha! Anyway thanks for the comment. I enjoyed it.

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