Blissed Out

Posted: September 12, 2010 in September
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So I think I am so out of it right now I am euphoric. (Though I would do about anything right now for a jar of peanut butter…I want some to go with my Cheez-Its.) I think I am getting sicker. I keep getting cold then hot then sleepy then hyper then a bit of it all. Maybe my new pillows are just so amazingly comfy my body is finally screaming at me “SLEEP!!!” I would totally agree at the moment.

I keep thinking about what I would have done if a certain guy had called or texted me last night asking if I wanted to do who knows what at 3 a.m. with him. I have no real answer at the moment. Maybe just a gargled no I am sleeping…if I had even answered.

I still can’t help but want to go out with some random guy either. Sure the guy mentioned above would be a cool story, again, but I really doubt I’ll be getting any form of greeting from him again. It would be nice, but no. Then there’s the old flame. Yeah, that one’s already died out before I could start describing him. (My ex. Whom is now with a banshee of a girl…Good luck lover!) Aw…But did I safe best for last? The forbidden fruit or better known as my roommates brother. He’s very attractive. Football player, funny, hot, brilliant, hot, deep, hot, oh and did I say hot? Aw…the forbidden fruit…If only I were that lucky! I’ve already been told by another roommate (and my own subconscious) have no chance in hell with him. Not even if I tried to sell my own soul (which Lucifer would probably not take an IOU…Or say I am short 20 bucks…) I guess that’s why they call it forbidden fruit…


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