What I’ve Learned In College Pt.2

Posted: September 16, 2010 in September
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So I’ve been in college for a month practically and I feel like I’ve learned a lot. Well not anything really from my classes yet, but just about people I guess. I have 10 other girls living with me (I share an actually room with 3 of them) and I was really nervous about that in the beginning. I’d never really lived with girls. But surprisingly I haven’t had a big problem with the other girls. Sure there’s the occasional drama but I haven’t gotten the urge to kill anyone, and that’s good.

I never really was one for a lot of drama. It just doesn’t hold my interest. But then I can’t really say that, just because if you ask any of my roommates they’d probably tell you I have my own drama. Yes, I am talking about the guy I went to Denny’s with. (I know what you’re think, “Not again! Why is this stupid girl still so hung up about this one guy? Why won’t she just move on!” To be honest I don’t know why I don’t. Something was different. Maybe I am just stupid when it comes to guys and I took his silver tongue has real sincerity…) It’s just so odd because since the last time I talked to him I seriously haven’t seen him on campus anywhere. It’s not the big of a campus, so it’s not like I’d never see him again. I’ll probably see him at a football game or something. It’s just weird. Maybe it’s best that it didn’t work because he seemed like a lot of drama…

I saw a girl last night that I met playing hide an seek with him. She remembered me. I felt a little weird because she’s one of his good friends. I just wish I knew why he was supposedly mad at me…


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