Posted: September 20, 2010 in September
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Yes, I know it’s a rather cheesy title, but I am listening to the song and it just seemed to fit. So I suppose this is your basic girl meets boy, hangs out with boy, falls for boy, boy stops talking to girl, starts talking to girl again kind of thing. I’ll give you a hint the girl is so overjoyed at the moment that she doesn’t even care if the boy hasn’t talked to her in 2 weeks.

Happy is just too small and over used to describe this feeling. Ecstatic, maybe that’s the word to use. I know that I shouldn’t be too excited about this guy seeing how I’ve seen that he doesn’t talk to me much except for the weekends, which I can handle. But just having a guy in my life that shows some concern for me and not just because he wants to get in my pants is just making me so happy. It’s just that a lot of the guys in this college are very forthright and will seriously ask you to sleep with them when you’ve just met. I am not that kind of girl. And this guy isn’t that kind of guy. I am so amazed by that and the fact that just getting a simple text from him makes me so happy and feel so good.


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