Rules To Live By

Posted: September 24, 2010 in September
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These are just a few rules I’ve come to live by, especially in college. Hopefully a few will just be little pick me ups, and others will actually help people. Enjoy!

#1: Don’t do something just because people expect you to. You’ll only be letting yourself down.


#2: If something feels wrong, it usually is.

#3: Enjoy the little things. The small moments you have fun with someone or even if it’s a piece of gum you find, enjoy it.

#4: Don’t play the fool for everyone else’s entertainment. You aren’t being funny, you just look stupid.

#5: Think before you say something. It’s better to be thought stupid for never speaking than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

#6: Don’t do something just because you’re bored. This act of “fun” usually ends in something stupid, like a pregnancy.

#7: Be prepared. If could be having a pen or a pencil to just having gas in your car. It’ll help you out in the end.


#8: Karma is real. If you are mean to everyone around you and don’t even try to be a good person, Karma will get you. (And if you’re truly living like this, you deserve it.)

#9: Smile. Even if you’re having the crappiest day in history, smiling about something. It’s contagious.

#10: When you’re lucky enough to find someone willing to put up with you, I am talking boyfriend or girlfriend or even just a friend, hold on to them.


#11: Be faithful. Remember #10, you’re luck enough to have them.

#12: When life seems like it’s so hard or you just feel like you can’t go on, hold on tighter. If you have someone go to them. If you don’t find something to live for. If that doesn’t work just remember that life is an adventure and like all adventures there’s a reason for the journey. You just have to find it.

#13: Don’t be afraid to be yourself. If you’re afraid that your friends won’t like you if you show a certain side of yourself, they aren’t very good friends.

#14: Even though #13 says not to be afraid of showing your true self, also don’t be afraid to be picky with your friends. Remember #2. If they are doing something that makes you uncomfortable, walk away.

#15: Be realistic.

#16: Have hope. I know there is a difference in hope and reality. You have to have both though. If you can’t be realistic and still have hope, you’re going to drown in this misery pool called life.

#17: Relax. It is necessary for us to be able to breath. Really it is. Sometimes you just have to let things be crazy. We can’t fix everything.


#18: Rock out. Sometimes you just need to go on a drive and turn your music up really loud. It helps. Really.

#19: Be willing to try new things. It might be fun!

#20: Be flexible. If you stress so much about how you can’t do something because of time, step back, breath, and just jump back in. Everything has a reason. Even if that thing doesn’t seem like it.

#21: Back up plan. Extra keys, an escape plan, or just a place to run away to when things get to heavy for you.

#22: Learn. If something goes wrong, learn from it. Don’t think it’s terrible and ugly, take it to heart.

#23: Scheduling. Don’t have a plan for every second of every day. Just know something general. Like you’re class schedule or a meal time.

#24: Don’t go according to plan. This is very different from #23. When I say plan here, I mean don’t scheme. If you’re a schemer then you’re going to be disappointed when you’re plan back fires. Just go with it.

#25: Remember who you are. This one is so important. You have to remember your roots. They are what made you.

(Photos are from Google. Just thought I would mention that.)


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