Posted: October 3, 2010 in October
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Yesterday was insane. I can’t even begin to describe how I feel right now. I am sorry if this is a really big mess and hard to read. I am typing it the way I remember it. My roommate and best friend, Shyanne, went to the hospital. She had a panic attack in our dorm and she had to go to color guard practice. I drove her and came back to my dorm. I get a call from a guy that just confuses me and makes me so anger saying she’s going to the hospital. I am running to our door and my other roommate stops me and tells me to calm down so I can drive. I remember just saying I am running. I ran there. But I was too late. The ambulance was leaving and I wasn’t there with her. I could have stopped this. I could have maybe kept her from going to the hospital. I could have done something other than run like a maniac all the way to the other side of campus. But I didn’t and that’s all I could do.

I called a friend, and this part makes me laugh, that we met on Monday, Levi. (Yeah we seriously barely met this guy on Monday night and I called him, while crying on the phone. I am sure he’s wondering why the heck he hangs out with us. We’re nothing but trouble.) Thankfully he could come pick me up and drive me to the hospital. I am glad he did. First of all I needed to calm down and I can’t do that very well without a distraction. Secondly I had no idea where the hospital is. But I got there. I felt really bad because he had to be somewhere else. Plus I really hate crying in public, especially in front of guys.

The whole waiting room hospital scene is a pretty big blur. I just remember sitting there and Levi saying he had to go, but to call him if we needed anything. I don’t know how much time passed but I was finally allowed in to see her. I remember her saying to the nurse we are like sisters. And you know what we really are. We’re all that each other has right now. I really hope that I am enough.

Once they let us leave another one of our roommates came by and gave her flowers. It was really nice of her. Levi came to take us home, which again I was so glad he came. I seriously owe him big time. I am sure when he first met us he wasn’t expecting to be going to hospital with us on Saturday. He’s an amazing guy and a great friend.

  1. matt jammed says:

    is your friend okay?

    • alice says:

      Yeah she was in the hospital a grand total of one hour. And I knew she was fine when she told me I should steal the friend that drove us some of his meds. Yeah she was fine. And if I didn’t know better I’d say she planned it, but I don’t think her amazing plan involved going to the hospital… 😀 I feel rather jerky for not mentioning she was okay…wow I really need to focus when I blog.

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