Rock Bottom

Posted: October 20, 2010 in October

I’ve managed in a mater of maybe 2 hours to piss off most of the people in my life. And not just insignificant people, people that matter. People that without I think I’d be in the very pits of despair for all eternity. I’ve pissed of my best guy friend. I’ve pissed off my best girl friend, who I just happen to live with. I’ve been told to be more angry and mean. My response, you never must say that. You never should wish to see that side of me. You never should tell me to change from my contained mope to uncontrollable anger. I am sorry I feel bad for everything. I am sorry I keep thinking I’ve ruined everything, but it’s just the way things seem at the moment…Just be happy you can’t feel the pain eating away at my insides…


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