Posted: October 22, 2010 in October
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I love college! It’s so amazing! I love the random spontaneous ideas that we have and at the moment seem brilliant but really aren’t that thought through. Like last night! I rode in the trunk of a car! It was hilarious! I did it all because me and my friend randomly thought of it as we were walking down the stairs from our dorm to go pick up her boyfriend. And once I looked at the trunk of her car I though this might not be such a good idea. But I still did it! Bahahahaha! When I get pictures I’ll have to add a picture to this! It was awesome though! I was sitting on a trombone the whole time and it hurt. Then once I climbed out of the trunk, which was an adventure in it’s self, we found a little surprise! There was an unexplainable condom wrapper so I just went with it saying at least the trombone used protection! 😀 Yes we are the kind of college students that make people worried about sending their children to college. Hehehehe! It’s so much fun!


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