Posted: October 25, 2010 in October
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Yeah, I know, there’s not point in me missing the past or even wishing I could go back to how it was. But I can’t help it. When you had something good, you can’t help but miss it. I keep saying I don’t miss the person, just the feelings I had and knew he had. Well that was a lie, I miss him like crazy. If he started talking to me again and asked if I wanted to get back together I would immediately say yes. I wouldn’t hesitate going home on the weekends to see him, I wouldn’t hesitate running to him just to kiss him and say I missed him so much. I would probably sit staring at my phone to until I got something, either a call or a text, from him. Yes, I miss you Joey and I wish I had you back. I miss knowing I was yours and loving ever single minute of it. You may think I am crazy, but compared to the guys I’ve met at college you’re amazing. You’re the most amazing guy I’ve ever known…


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