Posted: October 27, 2010 in October
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Let see what’s changed in the past few days for me? I found out I’ve been right this whole time and I’ve been wasting my time trying to get a guy to like me that will never see me that way, I went home, watched a football game, didn’t sleep because of nightmares, still can’t sleep because of the dreams, miss a certain person that I really shouldn’t moved my dorm’s furniture around, pretended to sleep, went to class, and watched Invader Zim. Now I want to desperately drive south until I see a certain familiar face, relive that day from the past, be so happy I could just cry, not want to come to college again, cry because I have to come back, and pick up where we left off. Wow these are really bad run on sentences. I just can’t win can I?

  1. Well, not that I have had much experience since I just graduated college but from the few encounters I have had relationships and finding yourself are much easier when you’re out of college and not around a babillion people your age fogging your mind with whats in and whats out and what the right way to “be” is, if that makes sense. Just push through college and you’ll make it out ahead 🙂

    • alice says:

      Thanks. I don’t mind being around a huge population of people my age, since I came from a small town. But I don’t like how people generalize everything or over look or over read or whatever you want to call it. People make drama out of every little thing! Seriously people wake up! High school is over and we’re supposedly adults here.

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