Why Do I Need A Man

Posted: November 2, 2010 in November
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The question was seriously posed and so I decided to find an answer. Just a large warning for now, this may be rather jumbled and hard to follow…

Ok, why do I need a man?

1. Security; when I am dating a guy that knows how to fix something or can do something much better than I can it makes me feel a tad better with them around.

2. Connection; yes I know of course we all want someone we connect with, but I want a guy that can seriously connect with me. Sure making out and just doing fun stuff together is nice, but I want a guy that can have meaningful conversations with me as well.

3. Attraction; don’t even start with me. We all want something nice to look at! (And honestly I am not that picky!)

4. Sensation; yeah I am talking about any way that a guy can make me have to breathe slower or if they can take my breath away.

5. Stability; it is nice knowing you have someone, and not just girlfriends, behind you cheering you on. A guy that lets you know that you can do it and they believe in you.

Ok, so that’s what I’ve got and maybe later I’ll think of something else to add, but I think that this pretty well sums up why I want a man…


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