Don’t mind me, I am just venting…

Posted: November 12, 2010 in November

I really fucking hate college right now. It’s just a bad time for me. I am sick, I am premenstral, and I am just ready to crawl under a rock and die. I don’t need to have shit from an annoying roommate and be bitched out for not cleaning. Honestly give me like 2 seconds to actually have time to help you clean and I am all over it, but ask me when I am busy doing homework or going to class and no I am not going to get on that right this second. Give me time and when I have it, I’ll help. Don’t bitch and complain that you always clean, just give us a second and we’ll help! It’s not that difficult. And if you’re really so fed up about living with us, please move. I am sick of you, you’re sick of me. Moving is a very simple fix. Or just get over it! Do your part and let me do mine when I can.


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