How to Deal

Posted: November 12, 2010 in November

When people think of how they deal with problems they usually say things like listen to music, work out, so on and so forth, etc. etc. etc. I don’t really do any of that. I write. Whenever I am upset, happy, sad, whatever I write it all down. I get it out and get over it. I don’t try to bottle or hide my feelings. If anyone ever really wanted to know about me or what I am thinking, they would read what I write. Even when I am just writing an essay for English class or a story for my own pleasure, it is infused with what I am feeling. So it may look like I post everything on facebook or post blogs all the time. Just don’t you dare say I do it to hurt others. I really don’t. I do it for my own benefit. I do it because it really helps me. Like I’ve said get over it. It does help.


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