Something I’ve Learned In College

Posted: November 22, 2010 in November
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Of course every guy I show some interest in isn’t going to be into me. He’s actually going to be into one of my 12 roommates, or as I like to call them pod mates. So to any guy any where do not start flirting with a girl because you’re really into her roommate. Flirt with the roommate! And if you can’t resist flirting with the wrong roommate, please do not send her one of the following texts…

1. I hope we can still be friends…

2. I am really into this roommate

3. Is she single?

4. You should let me in to see this roommate.

5. What’s the name of the girl you’re always with? You’re roommate?

All of these will get you no where in my book. And yes, all of these lines have been used in attempts of trying to get me to help some perv to get at one of my roommates….


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