Can’t Sleep

Posted: December 28, 2010 in December
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This is probably one of the worst weeks of my life. Sadly I can’t even really pin point things that are going to horribly wrong. I just feel bad. My sleep patterns are showing that. When something is bothering me it sticks in my brain and I can’t escape when I sleep. I dream about it and sometimes the problem just can’t be solved. I am so tired.

You just know it’s been a bad day when I am falling asleep listening to Linkin Park. I only do this when I am truly upset or sick. Maybe it’s a bit of both at the moment.

Another year is going by and what have I accomplished? I’ve worked on two different stories and I haven’t finished one. No one even knows I want to be a writer. I have really know chance of becoming published if I never finish either. I just lose whatever encouraged me to write. I’ve had a blog for a whole year now and well I’d like to say I am doing well with it. Last time I checked I had a large amount of views, but no one really comments anymore. I don’t even really remember what last years new year’s resolution was for me. Maybe I didn’t even make one. I really don’t follow them so I don’t see a point in making them anymore. I’ve thought of one semi-accomplishment. I had a boyfriend. A great boyfriend at that, for two weeks. Wow, what an accomplishment.

I’ve been stepped on by so many guys this year now that I think about it. But I won’t go into that. It’s only annoying topic that will make me and I am sure anyone reading this upset.

I suppose I have realized something. Most people we call our friends are only there when it’s truly convenient for them. But I can’t complain too much about that, because I know I do it too. We talk to a friend on the phone and we zone in and out of the conversation. Something may be really important to them, but we don’t care. It bores us. Maybe that should be my resolution this year. Be a better friend. But who am I kidding? Most people know I really couldn’t care less about most things.

Wow that’s a pretty grim way to end a post, but I just can’t think of any thing else to say…


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