Posted: January 2, 2011 in January
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Usually when someone writes about the observations they make they write of their observations about others and about life. the observations I am writing about aren’t my own, they are the observations of others about me. I just find them slightly interesting and sometimes funny. Since I’ve been in college, people who’ve barley met me have made judgments about me but then gotten to know me. Once they’ve become friends with me however they share their “first impressions” with me. Most of them aren’t what I’d hoped to hear of what people first think of me. It amazes me how many people think I am lesbian. It slightly scared me, well scares me still. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’ve decided to grow my hair out and let my natural color come back. Sure I miss my cute little spikes and cool random colors, but I suppose change is good.

Another thing is people notice my voice changes. Well not my voice per say, but my accent. When I am really mad they say I get an English accent, which is hilarious due to the fact I’ve never been to England or even out of this country. When I am trying to get something very important across or say something that I think is common sense I develop a Southern accent. I don’t find this one very surprising, even though I live in Southern Arizona I do sometimes speak oddly and with what some of my roommates call a southern charm.


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