Further Explanation

Posted: January 11, 2011 in January
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I am not jealous. I am really not. If it were any other guy I would be happy as I can be for her, but just that it’s him makes me sick. Even against all the advice we gave her she still went for it. What does she really expect to happen at the end? There two maybe three choices. 1. It doesn’t end and she will want it to…but she won’t have the heart to say no. 2. It ends, and badly. They never speak again and her hopes for friendship will never be again. 3. Well I really don’t have a third option at this point. I just get rubbed raw when she knows I hate him and now I have to see him every waking moment of my life. My options, 1. set her straight about my feelings 1a. She actually takes my feelings into perspective. 1b. She thinks I am jealous of her relationship. 2. I keep quiet and let the vomit burn me from the inside out.

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