Posted: January 21, 2011 in January
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I guess it’s just another example of how I was raised compared to others here at my college. Things happened tonight that could have been avoided. A friend came to a dorm next to ours and started to watch the movie The Hangover. This friend didn’t date the best person in the world and now she has a restringing order against this guy. During the movie the guy came into the dorm we were in and went into another guys dorm room. We were in the common area and this is when everyone starts getting these amazing ideas to call the cops because technically he shouldn’t be there. Now we are sitting in our dorms common area watching all this crap going down. I wouldn’t have called the cops. I would have just left and let things settle. But again that’s how I was raised. He wasn’t causing trouble for us but still…Oh well I left and didn’t get into all this crap…


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