Posted: January 27, 2011 in January
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It’s funny how something so small and insignificant to one person can be something blown out of proportion for someone else. Something that you don’t find bad or weird can make you as a leper or something to someone else. It doesn’t make sense really. It’s usually the people deemed as weird that don’t judge the rest of the world too. How odd is this strange little existence of life.

In this world of optimistic people I am an oddity. I am not really a pessimist, I just prefer to see reality as it really is, cruel and unrelenting. Bad things happen to good people. In the world today the only way to be successful is to cheat, bribe, or fight for it. If a guy isn’t showing true interest he’s not interested, and usually that’s not going to change. If you can tell he’s into your roommate don’t listen to the roommate when she says he’s really into you. He’s not. Move on.

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