Grow Up!

Posted: February 1, 2011 in February
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I don’t understand some people in college. The fact that they made it to college is amazing when you think about it. Some of these people are still acting like children and can’t even think ahead enough to figure out how they would get home if they went somewhere. But maybe I am over reacting on some of this. I was amazed when I got here and not everyone has a driver’s license or even a car. But that’s just because I was raised in the middle of nowhere. You learned to drive and you were legal.

But perhaps I’ll get back to my original plans for this post. I am amazed by how immature people are here. I’ve always been told I am too serious and my parents called it maturity. I always have at least small plans when I am doing something. I at least know how I am getting back from somewhere if I am not driving myself. But some people can’t even do that. The world is falling apart when they can’t find their shoes. And that’s nothing compared to relationships.

My roommate’s ex is just insane. I wouldn’t mind so much if it didn’t effect her so much. He told her she wouldn’t see him anymore and it’d be like he never existed. This is where I roll my eyes. She was right to think he might kill himself after he posted this on facebook:

Along a path I used to dwell
There was a girl I loved so swell
She came and gave her love to me
But now she’s gone and set me free
My dad came home late one night
Broke my door down and in his fright
Saw me hanging by a rope
On my dresser found this note
"Dig my grave and dig it deep
Marble stone from head to feet
At the end place a dove
To show the world I died for love.

And this is where I shout grow up! I never liked this guy to begin with and when my roommate asked what I thought if they were to start dating I warned her not to do it. He’s 24. She’s barely 18. He’s looking for a wife and I know she doesn’t want to get married for a long time. This relationship had don’t do it written all over it in big red letters. And now once they’ve broken up he thinks he loved her and can’t get over her. He doesn’t even have the excuse that she was his first. He bragged about how he’s had so many girlfriends and how he’s such a good kisser the first night we met. Yeah that doesn’t attract me. It just screams how if he’s telling the truth he’s either a player or a crappy boyfriend.


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