Posted: February 4, 2011 in February
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I am at a point in my life where I really must choice. For the past…well long time I’ve been stuck in this rut that I’ve built around myself, my ex. I know that we could never be a couple again, but I wish we could still be friends. I was a fool and hoped that we could be a couple again, but that was rather stupid and now I see that can never happen again and it was a mistake. But being my stubborn self I will most likely think I can salvage it again somehow. This is the path I am currently on.

My new path is something of mystery. It doesn’t necessarily involve a new guy, mainly because I am not so sure I could even get him. But it could. I’ve met a new guy who in retrospect is a good choice for me. Not too crazy, Mormon, older by a few years and seems to have a good head. I guess a good word is stable and I need some stability in my life.

My new path seems the best of choices, but that’s with respect to the abilities of whether or not I can even access this new path of mine.


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