If Only…

Posted: February 8, 2011 in February

If only you would have listened to me. Not of this would have happened. No hurt, no pain, no remorse, no awkward differences in plans. I told you never to date him, and yet you did. You never were good at listening. Sometimes I wonder how people made it to college, through life…people and you. Too caring, too timid, too inexperienced, too scared to do things on your own, too ignorant to know certain truths, too simple to realize things. But perhaps that’s just my over maturity kicking in.

I see him and I only want to hurt him. He doesn’t realize just how much I truly despise him. I only tolerated him for you and now that doesn’t really matter. Contemplating how to hurt him the most doesn’t really accomplish much…

If only you would listen. If only you were more grown up and ready for life. I doubt you’ve ever had to watch as the one you love the most is dying inside and you don’t know what to do. I doubt you’ve ever had to care for yourself for so long that you know what is needed to survive. I don’t understand how you’ve made it this far from home on your own. It just seems so unlikely that you are ready for life…


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